UVIEW Air lift 2 550500

UVIEW Air lift 2 550500








        • It's VERY effective
        • It should work on any vehicle


        • Not made of metal
        • For price the price I feel like it could be made of metal
        • No drain tube for exhaust side

        What does it do? When you drain the antifreeze from your vehicle because you changed hoses, water pump, etc. You have to fill the system with antifreeze and many vehicles will develop air pockets that get trapped in the cooling system causing overheating and or no heat. Some vehicles have bleeder valves to solve this problem some vehicles require you to perform magic tricks such as raising the front wheels 2 feet off the ground and praying to the air Gods. Either way it’s not always straight forward to get trapped air out of the cooling system.

        Enter the UVIEW air lift 2. This 80 dollar piece of kit (unless you buy it from the tool truck, expect to pay 150% more) makes this task literally as simple as pushing a button. See the video below. It’s not my video but it shows you how its done. It basically uses shop air to draw a vacum in the entire cooling system, eliminating any trapped air, ounce you have drawn the cooling system into a deep enough vacum as per the attached gauge, you let go of the button and open the inlet valve on the siphon tube that you should already have submerged in a bucket of clean antifreeze (make sure it’s more than enough). The vacum that should still be in your cooling system (provided you have no leaks) will draw the correct amount of antifreeze out of the bucket via the siphon tube, filling your cooling system and leaving NO trapped air. Top it off (usually only requires a very small amount), put your radiator cap back on and close the hood. YOUR DONE. No tap dancing required.

        How well does it work? It does exactly what it should, as it was designed . However it’s not flawless out of the box. The fault with the UVIEW air lift 2 is that it’s the economy version so the exhaust does not have a tube on it for you to direct any coolant that may get sucked up out of the radiator. This happened to me earlier today so I simply modified mine by popping the cap off the end of the Exhaust and shoving a hose over it. Problem solved. Alternatively there is another more expensive model that I believe already has this built in.

        Rubber hose over exhaust to direct coolant that may get sucked up when evacuating air

        Rubber hose over exhaust to direct coolant that may get sucked up when evacuating air

        How well is it built? Honestly I think you should handle this tool carefully. Now I am not saying its fragile but i would not leave it sitting on the floor or throw other tools on top of it. It’s made of a composite type plastic material that is¬†seems brittle. If you do a lot of cooling system services you may want to spend a few extra dollars and buy the metal version. There is also a metal version of this tool that costs 75 dollars, but it’s a brand that I am not familiar with. Getting back on topic, if you take care when using the UVIEW air lift 2 it should last you a very long time.

        Tool truck price (looks the same to me) $186.00

        Amazon price (i am pretty sure UVIEW makes the Snap-on version) $79.96