So i picked up a few tools at Harbor Freight while i was there warrantying a couple of items. The Warranty process was VERY easy. This is exactly how the warranty process went at my local store in Greenbrook NJ.

  1. Walked in (old tools still in the car had my 2 year old son with me and not enough hands) and went straight to the shelf to get the items I needed replaced. While I was there i saw a few tools that peaked my interest so i put those in the cart too.
  2. Went to cash register to pay, told cashier “i have tools in the car that i will bring in to exchange for these items here” cashier said “no problem, ill sit these to the side for you”. I paid for my new tools.
  3. Went to the car put my new stuff in and grabbed the warranty items, went to the cashier that barely looked at them, handed me the replacement tools and that was it.

Here is a video of the crap stuff i picked up.