Okay so I purchased a 01 Volvo V70 XC that needed quite a bit of work such as a transmission, pcv system, oil leak diag,  oil leak repair. I’m going to stop there because it’s a long list. However I got the car cheap at 500 dollars.

So I installed a used transmission that luckily worked out Okay.  I redid the pcv system as it was clogged, and causing excessive pressure in

Clogged pcv port at the oil catch return

Clogged pcv port at the oil catch return

The engine. Next on the list was the oil leak (major oil leak) had to be diagnosed and repaired. This thing was getting oil everywhere which made it very difficult to find. So cleaned everything up,  added some dye to the oil, and determined that it was coming from the exhaust  cam seal. So today I got it all apart, took the seal out that had already been replaced by some hack job before me and I immediately see why it was leaking. The seals has a rip a along the outer sealing surface from being installed incorrectly. Now let me add that the

Replacement cam seal that I got from volvo, went in without any issues and in fact it fits so nicely that I was able to install it by hand.

moral of the story here is that you should be careful who you take your vehicle to for repairs you may end up worst than you started.