Milwaukee M12 LED stick light

Milwaukee M12 LED stick light








        • Very Durable light
        • Very bright
        • Long lasting


        • Batteries should be more rugged
        • A little pricey

        m12 led light stick

        Ok what’s so complicated about making a good durable rechargeable LED work light? you would think it should be fairly simple, but yet so many get it wrong. Prior to me purchasing the Milwaukee M12 LED light stick I had purchased and used 2 EZ-Red Led lights (click link to see what i purchased) that worked GREAT for about 1 year exactly EACH! The output of the light was VERY good but the body was not durable enough for professional use as an automotive technician. Long story short I ended up warrantying both of those lights more than ounce. I still have one of them and it does not hold a charge (batteries are NOT easily replaceable), so it had been reduced to occasional home use. So why don’t I just buy a Snap-on ECFBP6G LED light and be done with it. 3 of my coworkers did purchase that Snap-on LED light and they are nice lights with a very cool magnetic base and flexible body to make positioning it fairly easy. The problem is that it only lasts for 3 hours, it takes 4 hours to charge and you can’t simply swap the batteries out. Another strike against that light is that is has a 1 year warranty and one of my co-workers lights broke while it was outside of that warranty and The SO dealer wouldn’t help him (he later purchased the m12 light in said review).. Not ideal for me.

        How Bright: The Milwaukee M12 LED light stick is not perfect, the light is not as white as the EZ-Red lights I have used or the Snap-on light mentioned above. But I want to say that they are equally as bright and you will not have any problems seeing what you’re working on with the exception being that both the EZ-red and the M12 light seems a bit brighter than the Snap-on light.

        Positioning: I don’t like the fact that it only has a hook as a standard mounting option, but I do like the fact that it has a screw hole on the back that fits your standard camera mount. This means that you can buy a magnetic pivoting and swiveling camera mount and attach your light to it as I did.  Just look at the pictures below. Problem Solved.

        you can maneuver it many different ways





        How long does it last: The description says 4 hours+ and while I have not set my watch to it. I can tell you that I have left the light on and completely forgot about it on many occasions. Yes, it was still working when I returned and I am using the least expensive batteries I could find. So if you have the XC batteries i would guess this thing would last a VERY long time. Plus you can swap the batteries out and it only takes about 30 minutes to fully charge for the basic M12 battery. How long will it last? well you won’t have to worry about it and you wont have to charge it for 4 hours if it does die on you. Furthermore you can buy more batteries at a very reasonable price on AMAZON or eBay or any other store of your choosing. You don’t have to wait around.

        Durability: This light is tough, very tough. I ounce got this light wedged under an engine (Toyota v6) because I forgot it was there while changing a power steering pump or something like that, I forget what the job was, but it didn’t crack (battery is not as durable. keep reading) and it still works flawlessly to this day. Now the battery on the other hand is not as durable as the light is, so try not to crush the battery. I have dropped this light many, many times and nothing has happened to the light itself, but the battery case that locks to the light is cracked and i did have to reattach the black plastic half of the battery to the red half of the battery with silicon (no more problems since!) on one of the 2 batteries that I have. So yes it can break but you wont have to replace the entire light if the batteries casing cracks, you can just live with it or buy a single battery. Still more durable than the EZ-red light that i previously owned.

        Conclusion: The Milwaukee M12 2351-20 stick light is a great buy. Especially if you already own M12 batteries, It’s got plenty of light, plenty of endurance, and very durable. The ability to add the magnetic mount of your choosing makes it very versatile. In My opinion it’s one of the best work lights you can buy.