Milwaukee M12 3/8

Milwaukee M12 3/8








        • light weight
        • compact head design
        • Led light on front


        • wish it had more break-away torque

        So I have been using this Milwaukee M12 3/8″ drive electric ratchet for 3 months daily now and I now have a good feel for its capabilities and build quality, so its time for a review! First here is a little bit of information about the M12 electric ratchet from Milwaukee tools.

        Copy and Paste of the specs as listed by Home Depot

        • Compact low-profile head design for easy use in tight spaces
        • Powerful 12-volt motor delivers up to 35 ft. lbs. of torque
        • Superior fastening speed at 250 RPM
        • Variable speed metal trigger for greater control
        • On-board fuel gauge displays remaining run time
        • Built-in LED light illuminates work area
        • Reinforced steel housing for added durability and strong cranking force
        • Includes: One M12 Cordless 3/8 in. Lithium-Ion Ratchet (2457-20)
        • Battery and charger not included
        • Compatible batteries: Compact (48-11-2401) and Extra Capacity (48-11-2402)
        • Compatible chargers: M12/M18 Multi-Voltage (48-59-1812), M12 AC/DC (2510-20) and M12 30 Minute (48-59-2401)
        • 5-year limited tool warranty

        So the first thing I noticed is that the head on this thing is nice and compact, the control to switch the direction of rotation is on the head and recessed. The fact that the direction control is recessed is both a plus and a negative. The plus is that it makes the tool more compact than my buddies Matco electric 1/4 ” drive ratchet, in fact almost as compact as a regular manual ratchet. So it fits into some very tight places.

        Milwaukee M12 Electric ratchet compared to a GearWrench 120xp flex head ratchet in size

        Very compact design. It fits into a LOT of places. More than i expected.


        very compact design. I like it.

        very compact design. see the recessed direction control switch.

        Now the Fact that it fits into very tight spaces and has a recessed direction selector is Dangerous. you can easily get this ratchet jammed up against something with no way of accessing the direction control to spin the bolt back in and free your ratchet (almost happened to me), so just be careful and leave room to take your ratchet off the bolt (FWD timing belts and water pumps come to mind). Is that a deal breaker? absolutely not! love this ratchet.

        Durability: I use this ratchet daily MANY times a day on many different jobs through out the day. You can say that I abuse use this ratchet heavily and it has not decreased in performance not one bit since I purchased it in September (2015). It is rated for a mx of 35 ft-lbs and i would say it feels about right maybe a little less though i have not done any real testing to confirm this, but i can say that the amount of torque it applies to loosen or tighten always feels consistent. I have used the M12 3/8″ electric ratchet to do jobs from timing belts to brakes. Yes you can use this ratchet to manually break fasteners loose. I have used it a few times on caliper bracket bolts (I don’t recommend you do that) and i did not hear any strange noises as if the body was about to snap into 2 pieces. However i DO NOT recommend you use the M12 electric ratchet in that way.

        Milwaukee M12 electric ratchet. durability

        Yea i use it a lot!

        Battery life: I have not run into an issue where i felt like the battery should last longer, as i mentioned earlier i use it daily and I use it quite often throughout the day. Now with that said I do have 2 batteries, but i dont end up swapping batteries very often. The M12 3/8″ electric ratchet will get you through a full day of use.

        Random picture. to make the review more interesting. lol

        Random picture. to make the review more interesting. lol

        Features: The Milwaukee M12 3/8″ electric ratchet features a locking trigger switch, slim head design, battery state of charge indicator and over torque shutdown meaning that if you attempt to remove a faster that’s tighter than the rated 35 ft-lbs the tool will shutdown for a second to give you some time to think about your foolishness.. No really i does shut down for a second then resumes normal operation the next time you hit the trigger. It Does the same thing when you tighten a fastener to it’s max torque rating. This is a good thing, as it doesn’t stress the motor and you can use it lots of fasteners without any fear of over tightening and breaking the fastener, all fasteners will be torqued to the same spec of “35 ft-lbs” or around that.

        "will the real m12 please stand up, please stand up"

        “will the real m12 please stand up, please stand up”

        Conclusion and final thoughts: The Milwaukee M12 3/8″ electric ratchet (2457-21) is an excellent addition to your Milwaukee M12 tool collection. I love the convenience of not having to drag an air line around and I can take it anywhere with me. I only wish it had more power, However with that said there is no other “12volt” ratchet with more power than this one.