GearWrench serpentine belt tool kit

GearWrench serpentine belt tool kit








        • Very versatile
        • Smooth ratcheting mechanism
        • Lots of sizes


        • Smaller socket sizes could be a bit more shallow
        • No reverse lever

        I have been using the Snap-on serpentine belt tool for years now and while it has served and continues to serve me well I came across the GearWrench 3680 serpentine belt tool kit while helping out another shop. One of the other technicians at this shop had the kit and I thought it was really nice. So I picked the kit up on Amazon for about $59 dollars.

        Now I have only used the kit about 3 times since I purchased it a couple of weeks ago. But i have a good enough feel for the kit to come up with A reliable review. There really isn’t a whole lot to the serp belt tool kit. There is a specialized wrench with a ratcheting end and a fixed and boxed end. There are special adapters sizes 13mm to 19mm, 3 crows feet adapters, and 3 square drive adapters. This kit should cover almost any vehicle on the road.

        Durability: I can’t speak a whole lot on this, but based on my previous experience with GearWrench tools it will likely be Plenty durable. I have yet to have a GearWrench product easily break on me. The container says “box is made in taiwan” But I am not sure where the actual parts in the kit are manufactured. The retail packaging that my kit came in had a sticker over the bar code where the place of manufacture usually is. So that is an unknown as of now. Either way I have no issues with saying that this is A well made kit and should last you a long time.

        How well does it work: It is very effective, the 13mm and 14mm sockets are a little bit taller (you can see this in the video) than I would like them to be it should still fit on most applications. The fact that you can position the wrench at many different angles helps a lot. Some vehicles make it very difficult to get the belt on the pulley because the placement of the tensioner puts a straight belt tensioner tool directly in your line of fire. This is where the articulating 2 piece set up shines and makes the job easier and faster. I am all about making my job easier and faster. I would say functionality is a Win!

        Fit and Finish: This kit is nice, it fits tensioners well, it fits together with its other pieces well. It is not something that will win “fit and finish” of the year award. But it’s not your typical cheap one time use tool either. It was made to perform the task of belt removal, installation and it does that very effectively. Does it have the best and smoothest chrome finish? No, it does not. However you won’t be ashamed to own this tool and it won’t fall apart on you. It is typical GearWrench finish which is Good enough take make you want to buy more of their products. But not so great to make you say “wow that’s pretty”.

        The Verdict: Just get it. Order it on Amazon and save yourself the frustration of trying to change that serpentine belt with a regular ratchet or a wrench. It’s an awesome kit and I highly recommend it.