“So you’ve got alot of tools, but when you open your tool box you just don’t get the same warm fuzzy feeling you used to.  Here’s the fix!

“This is the sort of tool array that I’ve dreamed of having since I first discovered the excitement of tools.  Here are a few pictures of my pliers and screwdriver drawers.

“A few things to note about the install: This takes a while if you want it perfect.  The foam sheets are sized for the deeper Craftsman drawers and come with stick-on tracing paper.  Stick it on, lay out your tools, trace, and cut.  The kit comes with a knife, which is sharp and agile for smaller shapes, and the foam cuts suprisingly easy.  All told, my pliers drawer took about 3 hours, so there is a price to pay for such beauty.

“A trick for “thinner” tools – after you cut out the shape for your tool, take that piece of foam and cut it horizontally.  Stick it back in the hole in the foam sheet, and your tool will be easy to grab.”

Read past the jump for more photos for Trevor’s sweet-ass setup.

As promised:



Very nice.  I’m definitely going to look into these.  In the autofixpal shop, our pliers drawer is a freakin’ mess..

Foam Tool Organizers on AMAZON

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