So your car hit that 50k mile mark and its time to do brakes. You take your car into a repair facility not the dealer and they give you a price of 600 dollars for front and rear brakes on your 2012 Honda Accord. You have been shopping around and you think that’s a fair price to have all pads and rotors replaced. Cool. So now you’re at 75k miles and you need brakes again. Why didn’t you get 50k miles out of your brakes this time around?

Not all brake parts are created equal. The sad reality is that your 600 dollar brake job only cost that repair facility about 120 dollars in parts. Yes,  they used the least expensive brakes they could get. So in reality you paid 1200 for 50k miles worth of brakes.

This is what you do next time you need brakes. To actually save money and get the same amount of miles out of your new brakes as you did your original brakes.

Option A: find discounted OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts on the Internet or a quality aftermarket brand (This will require research), buy them and bring them to the repair facility of your choice to have them installed.

Option B: Have the repair facility source OEM parts for you and provide you with proof that the parts didn’t come from NAPA, AutoZone, or some place other than the dealer. Actually where they came from doesn’t matter as long as the parts they use are what you wanted (OEM). This is usually the more expensive option because they will raise the price on the parts. However they have to guarantee the entire job should anything go wrong later down the road.

In my opinion and that’s just because I’m cheap and know that brake parts almost never fail I would go with option A.

So just be aware that those discount brake jobs end up costing you more than it would for a OEM brake job. Or maybe you just overpaid for a brake job and still got crappy parts. Always ask what they use, don’t accept “we use OEM quality parts” as an answer. Ask what brand they use its important to your wallet.

zimmermann brake job

zimmermann brakes vs OEM. zimmermann makes good stuff

Brands that are as good or better than OEM with links to purchase them.

OEM brake pads at discounted prices can be purchased on AMAZON just CLICK HERE

OEM rotors from AMAZON just CLICK HERE

Zimmermann (mostly European cars) CLICK HERE

EBC brake pads CLICK HERE

EBC brake rotors CLICK HERE

Hawk brake pads CLICK HERE

Hawk brake rotors CLICK HERE