Cheap parts will force you to do the job again!

Cheap parts will force you to do the job again!

I dont like aftermarket parts. They don’t always fit correctly, they fail sooner than an OEM part, and i dont like doing difficult jobs twice.

Some aftermarket parts  are okay to use and in fact some of them address issues that the auto manufacturer refuses to address (frequently failing parts) at an affordable price. Some brands are generally safe to go with and are actually the OEM manufacturer.

Here is a list of brands that make quality parts that I wouldn’t mind putting on my car.

  1. Beck arnley
  2. Aisin
  3. Denso
  4. kyb
  5. billstein
  6. gates

There are more but the names escape me right now. YES I know dealer parts are expensive. However you can often find OEM parts at about or close to the same price as aftermarket parts if you search the internet.

Example of how OEM is better:

2010 grand caravan 200k miles (company car) needed a catalytic converter. I installed an aftermarket cat and the car is back 2 weeks later with the same problem p0420 code so we warranty the cat and install another aftermarket catalytic Converter from the same aftermarket company as the first. Car comes back 1 week later same code p0420.. This time I said to the service manager who doesn’t believe that aftermarket catalytic converters are inferior “get an OEM cat or you install it”. Well long story short it’s 6 months later and the car has not returned for that problem. I do have more examples but i dont want to make th is post too long. 


Feel free to ask questionin the comments if you are unsure if your parts are quality or not.